A Labor of Love

  The NĀ KOA line of leather gear came about as a labor of love.  We simply had to turn our passion for the fierce beauty of Polynesian tattoos and their deep roots in the cultures of the Pacific Islands into a product line that does justice to the art.


We created wallets and card holders for men and women featuring Polynesian tattoo art by tattoo artists with deep roots in Polynesian culture and real knowledge of the meanings behind the motifs in their art. 

And we felt ecstatic and humbled when one of our very first customers told us that his NĀ KOA wallet made him feel connected to his Hawaiian roots 


We expanded our line to include bold wide cuffs for men, women, and children, and we'll soon add messenger bags.  


Wear NĀ KOA leather goods proudly to show your allegiance to the Polynesian islands - or just your appreciation for their art.